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YXsock, a top custom sock manufacturer in China, has been focuing on the socks production since 2000. YXsock can produce socks in bulk according to your own sock designs and requirements.

  • MOQ: 1200 pcs.
  • Available sock types: dress sock, athletic sports sock (basketball sock, soccer football sock, cycling socks, running socks, yoga sock, etc. ), compression sock, diabetic sock, and so on.
  • Available sock styles: no show socks, ankle socks, crew socks, over the calf socks, knee high socks, thign high socks, etc.
  • Available custom options: custom print, custom picture, private label, custom logo, custom embroidery, custom package, custom material (cotton, polyester, wool, bamboo fiber, cashmere, spandex blend), custom color ( pink, white, black, yellow, blue, yellow, red, green, orange, and more), etc.

Types of Custom Socks We Support

wholesale dress socks

Custom Dress Socks

Custom dress socks for women & men. No show dress socks, over the calf dress socks, white office socks, black suit socks, etc.

wholesale sports socks

Wholesale Sports Socks

Soccer football sock, basketball sock, hiking sock, running sock, golf sock, baseball sock, tennis sock, softball sock, hunting sock, skiing sock, etc.

wholesale compression socks

Compression Socks

YXsock compression sock manufacturer can supply best compression socks for men & women to prevent varicose veins.

wholesale Diabetic Socks

Personalised Diabetic Socks

Wholesale diabetic socks for men/women with non-binding extra wide cuff. Designed for the highest comfort. Custom material/design.

custom no show socks

Custom No Show Socks

No show socks for men & women. Custom logo, custom printed invisible socks with premium quality.

wholesale ankle socks

Custom Ankle Socks

Wholesale ankle socks in bulk at competitive factory direct sale. Full customization.

custom pattern children crew socks

Custom Crew Socks

Wholesale crew socks from a variety of styles including classic, cushion, funny & more!

wholesale knee high socks

Custom Knee High Socks

Customized knee high socks for men, women, baby girls and boys. Custom pretty patterns available.

wholesale cotton socks bulk

Custom Cotton Socks

wholesale bamboo socks

Custom Bamboo Socks

wholesale wool socks

Wholesale Wool Socks

Custom Polyester Socks

Custom Polyester Socks

custom baby socks wholesale

Custom Baby Socks

wholesale fuzzy socks

Custom Fuzzy Socks

Wholesale Christmas Socks

Custom Slouch Socks wholesale

Custom Slouch Socks

wholesale pet socks

Custom Pet Socks

YXsock sock manufacturer can produce custom socks for cat, dog, and other animals.

custom toe socks wholesale

Custom Toe Socks

YXsock China socks manufacturer produces various toe separator socks (finger socks).

wholesale yoga socks

Wholesale Yoga Socks

Toeless yoga socks, grippy yoga toe socks, half toe socks, pilates socks with grips, etc.

wholesale novelty socks

Wholesale Novelty Socks

You can customize funny socks, crazy socks, cool socks, funky socks, and odd socks here.

Why Choose YXsock Sock Manufacturer?

YXsock is one of the best sock manufacturers in China, it accepts orders from any individuals or company who need custom socks in bulk. YXsock company has a large and advanced sock factory in Zhejiang Province, China. YXsock can produce more than 400, 000 PCS of socks per month and offet the most competitive wholesale prices.

Excellent Services

YXsock China sock manufacturer produces high-quality socks and provides excellent service to maximize the benefits for our customers.

Highest Standards

YXsock wholesale socks manufacturer has senior designer, experienced workers, most advanced machines, and premium raw materials to ensure the best standards of socks we made.

Competitive Prices

YXsock wholesale socks supplier offers the most competitve prices to global clients, which can enhance their competitiveness and greatly promote their sock business.

Custom Solutions

YXsock private label sock manufacturer can provide you creative stocking solutions and one-stop custom socks manufacturing service.

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