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5 Reasons! Why Do Socks Wear Out?

socks wear out

5 Reasons! Why Do Socks Wear Out?

Comfortableness and relaxedness are the key ingredients of all types of clothing. Everybody adores wearing, a piece of cloth that will provide them enough comfort. Finding the best thing out of many options seems to be a difficult task. As we already know, all of us need a different type of clothing for our specific body parts. So we are going to talk about socks today.

Socks are used for covering and give extra protection to feet. The quality and fabric matter a lot when you are choosing socks. So you should be fastidious while selecting it. There are varieties of socks that are specific to their use.

We have trainers, high-knee socks, low-knee socks, and many more. All of them play a specific role and that should be matched with the type of shoe you are wearing!. We will talk about this later in this article. But now let’s crack on with the reasons that why socks wear out?

What Is The Meaning Of Wear Out?

The literal meaning of wear out is something that is deteriorating. After a while, the cloth will turn into the bad condition and you can’t wear it again and need a replacement of that sock.

There are many reasons that why your socks wear out? So we will cater to all these aspects and will talk about the factors that are contributing to making your socks wear out. Let’s get straight into them!

Reasons, Why Socks Wear Out?

You need to be quite specific while choosing the socks, but making sure that you are fully aware of the quality, material, and durability as well. There are 5 main reasons that your socks wear out!! If you wanted to know them intricately, then stick around with this article.

1) Over-washing

The first and most important thing is that you over-washed socks. The evident prove of over-washing is when you constantly socking it in water and keep it for a very long time. It destroys the quality and fabric of socks. It tries to get into the depths of the fabric and triggers its chemistry.

Let’s figure out what happens when you over-wash a lot!

Firstly, you use such kinds of detergents and surfs that are quite harmful and strong for the socks. After hours of socking, the detergents reach into the material and make the fabric’s strings weak and inelastic. Another thing happens that it decolorizes the socks and hence, the real color fades away.

The next reason is, you leave it for hours and hours and the entire day in the water. It affects the quality of the socks and makes the material thin as well. So avoid, keeping in water all day and don’t use such harmful detergents too, and try not to wash it every day. Use different socks for different tasks. If it is for your regular use, then choose the adequate quality of socks and purchase many pairs of them. So, that your socks will remain durable for a long time.

2) Shape Of Heel And Foot

If you don’t want that, your socks wear out so early, then try to find pairs of socks that have a well-shaped heel. Albeit it sounds like a normal thing, in reality, it is a very important to consider this aspect. The shape of socks should be well-fitted to your heels and entirely cover it is also the next important thing.

It minimizes the movement and efficiently holds the feet as well. Try to find out such socks that have a good length. Length is a very important thing to consider. The next important thing is the angle which should be 90°, which is ideal for the shape of the heel and the foot.

There is a measuring procedure that makes it pretty much a feasible task. You can measure from heel to the length of the socks and then that foot and it will give you the actual measurement for the selection of your socks.

3) Style Of Knitting

Knitting is quite interesting and an important task at the same time. While designing socks, there are certain ways and techniques that you should keep in view. Some traditional ways are also in use, which includes the ways of knitting which our grandfathers used to do. Such ways of knitting are still viable and useful.

After that, there are some modern ways which try to mix some exhilarating features in it. Mingling of two different materials together and knit it with the help of machines. It saves a lot of their time and the chances of getting quality pairs of socks are also high!

The design should be neat, clean, and just like spick and spans. So it will drastically change the way of your styling. We all know that the socks with cheap material will wear out quite early and quickly, while the quality knitted socks wear out after a long time, but for that, good care is required so that it will be helpful in the long run.

4) Wearing Socks On A Rough Floor

We all are familiar with this and probably, we all do this, walking on a floor with socks. What happens when we walk with it on the rough floor! All the dirt and greasiness stick to the surface of the socks and weakens the fabric.

So avoid doing that, again select such kinds of socks that are durable and will be good for a long time. Another very important thing is to choose those pairs of socks that are compatible and match the design of your shoes. It is likable to use dress socks, work socks, yoga, and casual socks on special occasions.

On the other hand, there are thermal socks that are used in winters. Over-the-knee socks, which are quite large can go with any kind of shoes. Then there are over-the-calf socks which can also be known as executive socks which are used with sports shoes. Crew socks go with joggers. Anklets which are usually, used by women to protect their feet. Last but not the least, we have invisible or no shoe socks which go with loafers and ballerinas. It protects feet from blisters and skin issues.

5) Material Of The Socks

The final but the most vital feature is the material of the socks, which plays a crucial role in the making of the socks. You would not be able to get the comfortable and feasible pair of socks until it was not made up of quality material. For that, you have to go with that option that protects feet from the itching, sweatiness, and inhibiting blisters that will be harmful to the foot.

Select natural fibers for socks because it has a huge and beneficial impact on your feet. It proves the longevity of socks. Mostly, the mixing of two or more fabrics is used, and together they form the quality socks. Be cautious of fiber that should not be too thin but a soft material is important.  We are going to talk about the list of materials that are used in the manufacturing of socks. So have a look, and find out what is the material!


Cotton is the best of all the fabrics due to its weight which is light. It helps in absorbing moisture. The best thing it is durable and washable as well. So you can watch it more often as compared to other fabrics and materials.

Sometimes a mixture of cotton and nylon is used (which is a non-absorbent fabric). Together the socks will become more moisture resistant. Hence, all of these benefits make cotton an expensive material.

  • WOOL

The usage of wool is also widely used. Socks with wool are wrinkle-resistant. It is durable and makes the socks breathable so that they can be used for a long period.

Merino is the kind of wool that is the most loved wool in the world. A lot of products are made from this wool due to its warm- and smooth fabric. It is a sign of luxury and an absolute lifesaver in cold weather.


Nylon is also a good material for socks. It helps in assimilating the moisture.


It is the same as nylon. Both fabrics are mixed with other fabrics so that the quality will prevail. It is less expensive as compared to wool and cotton.


It is not widely known, similar to the polymer. it is good in retaining the elastic shape. Due to its lightweight nature and softness, It is often used in place of wool to give it a touch of wool (which is expensive). Acrylic is less expensive than cotton.


Reaching towards our concluding point, we sum up with this aspect that, choose soft, and comfortable material and fabric because that is the only reason of durability. They are the contributing factors and hence will make your socks to be in the best shape so that you will get all of the benefits in one purchase.

And now you got all of the reasons, so next time your socks will not wear out!!

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