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YXsock is a professional custom socks manufacturer in China. You can wholesale socks in bulk with competitive prices here. Available custom types: invisible socks, ankle socks, crew socks, knee high socks, baby socks, compression socks, diabetic socks, funny socks, business socks, etc.

  • Min Order Quantity: 1200pcs.
  • Custom Sock Materials: synthetic, bamboo fiber, cotton socks, wool, Polyester, etc.
  • Custom Options: custom color, private label, custom design, custom color, custom material, custom package, custom embroidery, custom printings, etc.
wholesale dress socks

Custom Dress Socks

wholesale ankle socks

Custom Ankle Socks

custom baby socks wholesale

Custom Baby Socks

wholesale fuzzy socks

Custom Fuzzy socks

wholesale sports socks

Custom Sports Socks

wholesale crew socks

Custom Crew Socks

wholesale compression socks

Compression Socks

wholesale pet socks

Custom Pet Socks

custom toe socks wholesale

Custom Toe Socks

wholesale knee high socks

Custom Knee Socks

wholesale yoga socks

Wholesale Yoga Socks

wholesale christma socks (1)

Custom Christma Socks

wholesale fuzzy socks

Custom Fuzzy Socks

custom no show socks

Custom Boat Socks

wholesale Diabetic Socks

Custom Diabetic Socks

wholesale novelty socks

Custom Novelty Socks

  • 100% cotton , 100% acrylic , 30% wool 70% acrylic , 100% wool
  • Custom socks no minimum
  • Can custom embroidery
  • All color is available, can dye material for you .
  • Size is 55 cm, 56cm, 57 cm ,58 cm, 59cm , 60cm
  • Send the email to your inquiry
  • Sample confirmed
  • Make the deposit
  • Bulk order
  • Delivery(By DHL/FEDEX/EMS; By Air; By Sea)
  • By DHL/FEDEX/EMS door to door(3-7days)
  • By Air Air port to Air port (3-7 days)
  • By Sea Sea port to Sea port (3-7days)
Custom Socks Fabric Option

Other fabrics are available upon request: suede, leather, boiled wool, satin, …

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Specialist In Custom Socks


Just tell us your idea about custom baseball caps hats, we can make free design out for you.

Best quality with lowest price arrangement.

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Socks manufacturing process:
  • Knitting: FYX socks manufacturers will purchase the most advanced raw materials on the market. These raw materials will be spun into yarn after washing, and the factory will colorize the yarn in batches. When the coloring process is completed, the computerized sock knitting machine owned by our production line can work at high speed and produce all kinds of socks through pre-set programs. The computerized sock knitting machine can automatically correct errors so that it can work at high speed.
  •  Washing and drying: The semi-finished socks are washed and dried to shrink and stabilize. It must be remembered that these semi-finished products can only be washed with water, not detergents.
  • Logo embroidery: FYX socks manufacturers can provide socks wholesalers with various logos and Huawei customized services. Our socks factories are equipped with advanced computer software and automatic embroidery machines to sew logo and logo embroidery patterns.
  • Boarding: Our socks are shaped by heating and steam. This step makes our socks have a verified shape and appearance.
  • Inspection: As a socks supplier with many years of production experience, FYX will conduct comprehensive quality inspections at every step of the production process to ensure that our products will not be delivered to customers with defects.
  • Packaging: After passing the quality inspection procedures, our socks enter the packaging link. FYX socks manufacturers will provide customers with the most comprehensive packaging services. We will also provide rolls, header cards, stickers, hooks, clips, hangers, Plastic bags, pallets, cartons and other materials are available for customers to choose freely.Packaging: After passing the quality inspection procedures, our socks enter the packaging link. FYX socks manufacturers will provide customers with the most comprehensive packaging services. We will also provide rolls, header cards, stickers, hooks, clips, hangers, Plastic bags, pallets, cartons and other materials are available for customers to choose freely.
  • Transportation and delivery: After the packaging of the goods is completed, we will transport the finished products to our own warehouse for storage. Our warehouse has 24-hour monitoring, which can fully guarantee the safety of the goods. In terms of transportation, FYX socks manufacturers have cooperated with many reliable freight forwarders for many years, so we can ensure that the goods are delivered to customers as soon as possible.
  • Socks design template: We can produce products according to any styles provided by customers.
  • Socks color: Customers can choose various colors that are currently popular in the market from FYX socks manufacturers, and customers can also provide us with their own customized socks colors.
  • Socks size: FYX socks manufacturers can customize and produce any size, and before our socks factory starts mass production, we will provide sample sizes to customers.
  • Price: Our price is competitive in the market.
  • Label design (packaging design): We can make labels and pack them according to customer requirements.


Polyester is an artificial petroleum-based synthetic fiber. Its biggest advantage is good durability. At the same time, polyester also has good color adhesion and quick-drying.


Using cotton as a raw material can make socks have better breathability, and cotton is more friendly to people with sensitive skin or allergies.


FYX sock manufacturer will choose Australia’s best wool as the raw material for production. These wools have good warmth retention and water absorption, so the feet can stay warm in winter and wet weather by our products.



1. Our socks material
Our cotton yarn, cotton, wool, polyester and other materials have environmental certification. At the same time, FYX socks manufacturers have a dedicated purchasing department to obtain the cheapest raw material prices, so we can provide customers with the lowest wholesale socks costs.

2. Our sock manufacturing experience
When you are choosing a manufacturer for custom wholesale socks, the manufacturer’s production experience is a factor you must consider. FYX sock manufacturer have extensive experience in production procedures in R&D, raw material procurement, production and packaging, and export. We provide different customized solutions according to the needs of different customers.

3. Technology
FYX owns advanced digital printers and professional product design software in the socks factory. These technical support can provide our customers with the best products.

4. Workers
We have more than ten years of experience in production and trade. We have a group of professional technical and production workers.

5. FYX Sock Sample
We can provide customers with samples as quickly as possible. At the same time, FYX samples can be made free of charge based on the designs and original manuscripts provided by customers. Our designers will provide you with some reasonable suggestions for changes when designing samples.

6. Our Delivery
The sock factory of FYX socks manufacturer is very large. We have different workshops and machines to make various types of socks. Our buyers will track and control the entire manufacturing process to ensure the production speed and delivery speed of the goods.

7. Shipping
Our socks factory is close to Shanghai Port and Ningbo Port, and it only takes a few hours to transport the goods from the factory to the port. We also have long-term cooperative freight forwarders, so we can provide the most favorable price for your reference in terms of freight.