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How to Choose Socks? (2021 Update)

how to choose socks

How to Choose Socks? (2021 Update)

How wants to have blisters on foot in the mid of hiking?

Surely, none of us! So, choosing the socks carefully is something very important. For this, we need to have complete knowledge of everything about socks.

You can find socks in almost every store, but choosing the best one from the hundreds of options is challenging. After doing our research for countless hours, we have prepared an ultimate guide for you to help you choose the socks for you.

Sock Fabrics

Different socks are made with different fabrics, and understanding the fabrics is essential. You must know the pros and cons of each fabric type; this will help you make wise decisions. Socks should give you a comfortable experience. However, the wrong material can put you in trouble.

Wrong fabric can be so much harm, and it will not protect your feet. Naturally, your feet have lots of sweat glands and get sweaty quickly. If socks absorb moisture, then it may result in blisters. Let’s have an overview of the fabrics that are used in the construction of socks.

Ø Merino Wool

This fabric is made with wool of Merino sheep that lives in New Zealand. The material is highly durable, soft, itch-free, shrinks, and resists odour. It is highly breathable; this makes it suitable for year-round. Socks made with this wool are usually preferred by athletes, hikers, and backpackers. It will quickly evaporate moisture and has the ability to wick perfectly.

Compared to other fabrics, this type is expensive, but the performance of merino wool is incredible.

Ø  Cotton

Cotton socks are another excellent choice as it traps moisture ideally. After aggressive hiking or few miles of running, the wet skin of your feet, when it passes through friction, can cause a blister. Fortunately, these moisture-wicking socks will save you from all problems.  It is better to select socks with less cotton content.

This pretty affordable fabric is a good choice for casual wear.

Ø  Nylon

Nylon is another type of socks fabric that is usually blended with other fabrics. The best thing about this is that it has high strength, is highly durable, and dries in no time.

Ø  Acrylic

Acrylic fabric is an all-around versatile fabric that everyone can use. It is less expensive than Merino wool.  It is super comfortable, offers you good cushioning.

Length Of Socks

Different socks come in different lengths, and it completely depends on the purpose of using socks. The length of the socks also depends on the outfit and your choice. We have categorized some socks based on their length; let’s have a look at them!

Ø  No-Show Socks

Low show or low profile socks is one of the best socks that anyone can use in summers. You can easily hide them in your low boots or sneakers. Men and women both can wear these socks. They protect your foot completely, so they are highly functional and have a modern look.

Ø  Ankle Socks

These socks have a length a bit more than no-show socks. Wearing these socks casually is surely a bad idea. However, ankle socks are the best choice for any kind of sports and hiking. The length is good to ensure protection, but you must be very careful about your outfit selection if you are wearing these socks.

Ø  Short Crew Socks

Shorter than regular socks but longer than ankle socks, these short crew socks is another choice that you shouldn’t ignore. Boys can wear these socks with mid or high-top sneakers while girls can wear them with sweatpants or trousers. Other than using these socks casually, you can also use them for hiking and sports.

Ø  Crew Socks

One of the most popular lengths of socks is the halfway up your calf that these crew socks have. These socks are highly practical as it holds perfectly and is suitable for wearing with all types of shorts and trousers. Make sure to notice that crew socks made with 100% cotton are most recommended than other materials.

Ø  Over The Calf Socks

This is one of the longest types of socks as it covers your calf entirely. These socks will not slip, and wearing them with any type of outfit isn’t a big issue. Not everyone likes to have it because of its extra length; however, if it suits you, then you should definitely go for this.

Sock Weight

After considering the sock’s fabric, the next thing to notice is its weight or thickness. Always keep in mind that thick socks offer you greater cushioning, and they are warmer.

If you buy a pair of socks for the winter season, choosing it is easy because you can either select midweight or heavyweight socks. While, if you are buying for the summer season, then you might need to choose carefully. You surely want to have socks as light as possible; otherwise, you may have to face blisters. For longer hikes in hot weather, it is recommended to choose medium weight socks.

Never rely on a single pair of socks. While packing for hiking, always keep spare socks with you. Make sure that these extra socks have a different weight than the socks you are wearing.

Sock Fit

The fitting of socks can either make your journey more easy or super irritating. The best socks are the one that fits on your foot perfectly without cramping your toes, causing extra material to wrinkle, or fold. Socks that are loose to you can’t protect your foot effectively. Seams of the socks should be even, the arch area should match with your arch, and it should not rub any foot part.

Always follow the brand guides and size chart to make sure you order the right pair of socks.


The best quality socks come with targeted cushioning that helps in protecting your foot, especially heels. Those socks that come with extra padding or cushioning helps in providing a comfortable experience to you. The heels of the socks can get damaged easily if poor material is used in the construction of socks. Try to choose socks that are made with long-wearing synthetic materials.

Arch Support

Arch support to your foot is essential as it helps in keeping you comfortable. The best socks are those that offer you a tighter weave in the arch of the sock that enhances the support. If you have flat feet or a high arch, then ensuring arch support is very important.


Apart from being highly functional, the appearance of socks also matters a lot. While looking for the socks, the first thing you should consider is the functionality of the socks and then notice the look of the socks. You obviously don’t want to buy very stylish yet impractical socks.

If you choose socks for your professional activity, then never compromise on quality; however, you can put more focus on a style for casual use.

Socks for Medical Conditions

If you have some medical history or want medicated socks just because of extra comfort, you should know the categories of socks specially designed for different medical conditions.

Ø  Compression socks

If you have the problem of decrease blood flow, mild to severe swelling, or fatigue after a workout, then compression socks are the best choice. These socks can also be used during extended travelling, maternity wear, varicose veins, and diabetic patients.

If used properly, these socks can be really beneficial. Compression in the socks may vary from low level to high level. Make sure to consult your doctor before trying these socks because overuse and wrong use of these socks can be harmful to you.

Ø  Diabetic Socks

With each passing day, diabetes is getting very common. If unfortunately, you are one of them, then you should necessarily maintain your foot health. Along with this, also keep an eye on your socks. For diabetic patients, those socks are best that is seamless throughout the socks. Make sure that your socks prevent your foot from swelling and irritation. 

Tips For Choosing Right Socks

Here are some tips that will help you in selecting the right pair of socks

  • If you are going to wear athletic shoes, never choose thin socks with these shoes.
  • You surely don’t want to pull your socks frequently, so make sure to choose socks that fit snugly.
  • Matching your socks with trousers is something very important. You can’t go out of the way.
  • If you don’t want to expose your bare leg, then always choose ankle-length or knee-length socks.
  • Socks should not rub against your shoes; rather, they should be highly comfortable to you.
  • Choose the socks that are easy to wash and gets clean in no time.

Final Verdict

Hopefully, this article was helpful for you in choosing the best socks for you. Considering these factors in mind, you can keep yourself away from itchy, sweaty, and uncomfortable socks. Your feet will thank you! So, why not do it today?

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